Reader Appreciation Award


I want to thank Dan for nominating Shaneisms for a reader appreciation award! Even though Dan is my real-life best friend, I’m still pretty cool. Like Dan, I’m usually shy about accepting compliments but I’m honored nonetheless.

So after I recovered from having my ego go to supervillainesque proportions over being nominated I see that there are some requirements. Work, work, work…

So here are the requirements for accepting the award:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a link to that blog.


2) Attach the award icon to your site.

There ya go.

3) Answer some specific questions. Unlike many awards which just ask for some random things about you, this asks specific questions as follows:

  • Your favorite color? – Black
  • Your favorite animal? – Wolves. And Bats. Some sort of wolf/bat hybrid perhaps…
  • Your favorite non-alcoholic drink? – Coca-Cola. I’m definitely a coke addict.
  • Facebook or Twitter? – Facebook. Twitter doesn’t allow enough characters to capture my general insanity.
  • Your favorite pattern? – Plaid. Sadly my search for plaid house paint continues on…
  • Do  you prefer getting or giving presents? – Giving. Also provides an easy way to get rid of unwanted presents that I’ve received. But I would never regift anything the person currently reading this would give me.
  • Your favorite number? – 10… it’s the most narcissistic of all the numbers.
  • Your favorite day of the week? – Tomorrow. There’s still hope for tomorrow.
  • Your favorite flower? – A rose by any other name… is most likely mislabeled.
  • What is your passion? – Educating while entertaining. Why can’t learning be fun?
  1. And finally, offer “pay it forward” nominations, advising those bloggers that they have been nominated and how to accept. I’ve listed my nominees for the award below. This is the best reason to accept blogging awards — to spread the word about other blogs we enjoy!

Cheese Wearing Theology

The Unemployed Philosopher

Huh… maybe I need to read more blogs…

To the Blogosphere!


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