“Big things have small beginnings” – David, “Prometheus”

So here we are. A corner of the interweb to call my own. A place where I can share with the world any thought that pops into my head before it dies of loneliness.

The title of the blog, “Shaneisms” comes from a term that has become used by my friends to describe my… unique… way of handling the ins and outs of everyday life. “I would try to explain his rationale for that but, well, it’s Shane.” “Ah. Well then, enough said” has been said on more than one occasion in response to me doing whatever it is I do.

As of writing this there is no specific direction or purpose to this blog. From what few plans I have made I’ll be posting about anything from movies to theology and philosophy to why I won’t give up on the Toronto Maple Leafs even if they’ve given up on themselves. Again. And once in a while I’ll write about past Shaneisms such as having a little old lady try to buy me in the toilet paper section of the grocery store or the time when randomly seeing if hockey tickets were available led me to being in a private box and meeting the head of Canadian Armed Forces.

So here’s where you, dear reader, come in. Apart from taking time to read my musings, feel free to make suggestions about what you’d like to see a post about. Any suggestion about anything will be evaluated and (most likely) promptly tossed aside. Those that make it through this rigorous vetting process will be treated to gloriously witty expository wonderment.

I hope.

Let the Shaneisms begin!


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